Adventure & Leadership 

Our Adventure and Leadership Gap Year Program Ireland is a semester-length, group program that brings you to the western edge of Europe, along the wild Atlantic.

You'll explore untouched nature, immerse yourself in the Irish culture, develop your personal leadership skills, volunteer in the local community and travel throughout Ireland.

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Irish Arts & Culture  

Our Irish Arts and Culture Gap Year Program is a semester-length, group program that gives you an opportunity to explore and cultivate your creative side while building independence, exploring Ireland and making new friends.

Enjoy a range of daily workshops with esteemed local artists, create your own body of work, delve into Ireland's cultural and artistic heritage and travel throughout Ireland.

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European Expedition Program

The European Expedition Program brings students on an epic journey across Europe, broadening your horizons through exposure to the continent’s deep cultural and historical roots.

From Norway’s Arctic Circle to Croatia’s Adriatic Sea, this program provides a comparative cultural  and current events study of Europe and is infused with an exhilarating mix of outdoor adventure.

This will be the journey of a lifetime!

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Short Gap Programs

Our Short Gap Year Programs are offered in late spring and condense our semester-length programs into four-weeks of glorious gap time.

If you are budgeting your time, but still want the full gap year experience, these are the programs for you.

Choose from the Irish Arts & Culture Immersion Program, the Adventure & Leadership Immersion Program, the European Explorer Program or the European Arts & Culture Program.

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  • We believe that gap time is an essential part of personal development and educational growth.

  • We are Europe's only Gap Year Association Accredited program and have an impeccable safety record. 

  • You can use your 529 Plan to pay for any of our semester-length gap programs. 

  • We love what we do and want to share our passion for travel, the outdoors, adventure and the arts with our students. 

  • We operate in Ireland and other European countries that offer excellent medical care, infastructure and stability.

  • All students freely choose to participate in our programs.  Mandates by parents or other parties are not considered.

  • An Irish company with a worldwide view.

  • 24/7 support and communication with parents.