Coming Home

Coming back to Bundrowes House in Bundoran after staying in that tiny hostel in Galway was a great feeling. Bundrowes House is definitely starting to feel like home. That Saturday night, Eliza, one of my roommates, and I went into town to see some live music. The band was Johny Gallagher and the Boxtie Band, and they were AWESOME! My ears were still ringing the next morning, but it was totally worth it – they rocked the house down and people were SUPER into it.

Swan Lake (With Leper colony Islands :x )

Swan Lake (With Leper colony Islands 😡 )

We kicked off the week with our third leadership workshop with Ryan where we discussed teams and team roles. We played team games on the beach. One was where we were all given one picture, but no one else could see it, and we had to explain it to people and get the pictures in order. We managed to do it in about 8 minutes, but the record was 3 – It was very interesting and definitely got us thinking. Of course, trust falls also occurred. In the afternoon, we went surfing on a new beach. The waves ended up being few and very small, but I actually managed to ride a few in! It was a very chill surfing session. We hurried back to the house and hosted the Arts and Culture Gappers for dinner and chats. They all seemed very cool, and it was great to get to hang out with them and trade Ireland stories.  dylan and jack blog 3 jpeg

On Tuesday, we had a small hike along a river to a little waterfall. The ground was very wet, and I kept slipping on the rocks. It was a very nice morning, but a lot of us had gotten minor colds and sniffles, so there was lots of coughing happening. When we got home for lunch, we had a bit of time, so many of us took cat naps. That evening, we had our first Liquid LT Blog jpegTherapy session – It’s an amazing charity that takes autistic and Asperger’s children into the sea for play and surfing – What!?. I was paired with a 9-year-old girl who was incredibly sweet and a great surfer! She surfed with style… I was a little jealous.

Wednesday was another split day. Half of us went to Horse Outside, and the other half went on a hike. I was with Dylan, Mari, Alyse, Michael, Anna, and Gideon at “the poop farm”

The poop farm

The poop farm

for the day. It ended up being a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Yes, there was a lot of shoveling poo happening, but it was also petting and grooming the animals. The farm rescues horses, ponies, goats, cats, and dogs, and takes care of them, and then puts them up for adoption. Some of the animals had been abused, and some had been abandoned. It was very nice to spend time with the animals. Dylan got attached to a very sweet dog named Max.

On Thursday, we took a trip to a lake and started the day off with a short kayaking trip. The water was fairly calm, and the views were stunning. We learned about the history of the island as we kayaked by and went back to shore for jpeg It turns out that the island was a leper colony at one time; It was super thought provoking looking at the tranquil island in the sun and imaging lepers sent their in the past… Then we went on a short walk through a beautiful woods. Some people tried out the slackline Sarah had brought, and many trees were climbed. We ended the day by cooking our own gluten-free mac n cheese for everyone (thank you, Dylan and Anna), and a chill night in.

Friday morning, we took a very chill hike to an old st johns point blog jpeglighthouse. It was raining off and on, but it was also sunny, and there was one rainbow that kept appearing vibrantly. Outside of the lighthouse were some rocks that were spelled into big words for planes from WWII, which was very cool. After the hike, we drove into town and went to a really good fish n chips shack, and then went to Donegal town. The girls got coffee because we were all falling asleep. That night, some people went out, but a few of us stayed in and watched Mama Mia.

This morning, a handful of us went surfing. It wasn’t a particularly nice morning, and I wasn’t very successful, but it was lovely to be in the water laughing with my friends after a long week.seafood shack jpeg