Monday was a split day, which is always a good thing for mixing up the group. Half of us went pier jumping at Mullaghmore with Joe, and the second group went to Killian’s workshop. It was a very cold morning which made it very hard to make the initial jump. After we were showered and warm, we went to Killian’s workshop. The other group didn’t pier jump because the tide was too low, and everyone in the first group was pretty mad. This workshop was probably one of the most interesting workshops we’ve had so far. It was all about solving big, real-life problems. We had to solve world hunger, homelessness in Dublin, and gun deaths in America. It was intriguing to hear the point of view of Killian, an Irish man, on the American problem. He believed the solution was very simple while the rest of us thought it was extremely complicated. Fran picked Gideon and I up from the workshop to go to the doctor. It turned out that I had a minor concussion from a surfboard hitting my head on Saturday. Very fun!

Return of Mari

Return of Mari

We drove to Dublin bright and early Tuesday morning. We got settled into the hostel and Sarah showed us how to get to Dublin City Center (it was a 20-minute walk from our hostel) and showed us some key spots. The girls found some really cool places to shop for a few hours, then we went back to the hostel, and went to Gourmet Burger with everyone for dinner.week 9 week 10 jpg

On Wednesday morning, Sarah and I left the hostel at 7:15 am and took a bus to the airport to pick up Mari! She had no idea I was coming, so she was very excited when she saw me. It was like a scene out of a movie, running to each other, ending in a big embrace. We spent the bus ride back filling Mari in on what she had missed. I’m very happy she’s back! Sarah, Mari and I had to speed to the Kilmainham Jail to meet up with everyone else for a tour. The jail was cool, but also quite chilling. week 9 ph 3 jpg

Many people had been executed there including the leaders of the 1916 uprising (we stood in the place where they were executed…), it is a place of great national significance in Irish history. After the tour, we went back to the hostel and got information for the Dublin City photo scavenger hunt. It took us all over the city to significant places. week 9 ph 11 jpgSome were quite hidden and hard to find, even with google maps. We had a good time taking photos. After doing lots of walking, everyone got back together and went to dinner at Wagamama. I had some very good ramen.

week 9 ph 12 jpgWe had free time on Friday morning. We had a nice walk to City Center in the pouring rain and did some more shopping. We went back to the hostel and then walked to the Guinness factory. There were seven floors, many of which were a museum. The layout was very cool, and quite interactive, including learning how Guinness is made, how to drink it, how to pour it, and, of course, drinking it on the top floor, looking out at the best view in the city. week 9 ph 13 jpgI decidedly do not like the drink, but the experience was very cool. After the factory, we had more free time, and the girls went and got Papa John’s for dinner, wanting a little taste of food from home.

On Friday, Killian picked us up, and we drove back to Bundoran. Dublin was very cool, but I am not a big city person, and it was nice to be back home. We were free for the rest of the day, so Luke and I had a Netflix comedy specials marathon. The night was full of laughs.

Saturday morning, half of us planted flowers in flower boxes around town for a local community group, Tidy Towns. It was so cold and grey, but it really felt like we were brightening up Bundoran with the plants we were planting. And helping the environment, of course. The townspeople has soup and sandwiches for all of the volunteers after the planting was complete and it was a great day all together.

On Sunday morning, some of us went to the Strandhill People’s Market with the arts gappers too. It’s located in an old airplane hanger, full of booths selling their crafts – There’ so many talented craftspeople and cute creations there! There were also lots of delicious food stands. I ended up buying a beautiful ring. Mari and I joke that she proposed to me, but she’s dyslexic and I’m too ADD to realize she put it on the wrong hand. I’m very glad she’s back.

week 9 ph 7 jpg