Bella’s Blog – Week 12: Reflections

I always wrote my blog on Sunday, sitting in the blue room because I couldn’t sit up in my bed due to the bunk-effect. Now, it’s still Sunday, but instead of Ireland, I’m in Iowa, sitting on my couch sandwiched… Continue reading →

Bella’s Blog Week 10: Castles, Cinematic sheds, Belfast and Dylan’s 19th

The week began with many castles – The castles of Lough Erne which was designed to introduce us to the Ulster Plantation. The first castle on Monday was called Tully Castle and had a tiny window as it’s entrance. Not… Continue reading →

Week 9: Dublin City, the return of Mari and tasty Raman

Monday was a split day, which is always a good thing for mixing up the group. Half of us went pier jumping at Mullaghmore with Joe, and the second group went to Killian’s workshop. It was a very cold morning… Continue reading →

Bella’s Blog Week 8: Missing Bella, lovely Autumn hikes, Getting super scared and Orange chicken!

We started Monday with a morning surf. Everyone was reluctant to get into their wetsuits, but eventually, we all got into the water. The waves were small but nice and clean, which made surfing easier. The sky was blue with… Continue reading →

Week Seven: Digging Spuds, Hiking in the Hail and Cooking with Onora

Seven weeks have already passed – Wow – time flies when your having fun. We began the week with a visit to Campview farm, a farm in Bundoran. The goal was to learn about traditional Irish farming. We started by… Continue reading →

Bella’s Blog: Week 6 – Into the mines, into the North ~ Into the great wide open!

We began the week with a history lesson from Killian. We learned about the past of Ireland, mostly focusing on the conflicts of the Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland and how they started and changed. After the lesson,… Continue reading →

Week V: A Much Needed Chill Week

Week V: Big Beach Clean-Ups, Problem Solving, Pub Nights, Hikes and RELAXATION This week was much more low-key compared to last week, full of beach cleanups with Clean Coasts Ireland, workshops, and small hikes. It was nice and chill, which… Continue reading →

Week IV: No Tech, Budding Friendships & Scary Storm Hikes

Week IV: No Tech Trip, MASSIVE Scary Hike and Biking to Castles We have been here for about a month now. This place continues to feel more like home, and my friendships with these people grow every day. I have… Continue reading →

Week III: Kayaking to Leper Islands, Surfing and Gluten-free Mac n’ Cheeses (..and lots of rainbows)

Coming Home Coming back to Bundrowes House in Bundoran after staying in that tiny hostel in Galway was a great feeling. Bundrowes House is definitely starting to feel like home. That Saturday night, Eliza, one of my roommates, and I… Continue reading →

Week II: Hikes, Islands, Protests, Ancient Fortresses & Workshops

It’s been a big week: A week of adventure, fun and literally leaps of faith. We had a big hike last Friday. The group got dropped off at an old church in a town about an hour from Bundoran, and… Continue reading →

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