Steps to Using Your 529 Account with Irish Gap Year

Step 1 Register here and start your application
Step 2 Admissions interview and acceptance
Step 3 Chose the courses you want to take for credit.
Step 4 Go to https://vikingsabroad.pdx.edu/ and register online as a "non-PSU student"
Step 5 While attending your Irish Gap Year Program you will journal, interview, read and/or present, depending on what courses you have chosen.
Step 6 Submit all course work, journals and papers directly to the GYA.
Step 7 Wait for offcial grading report by GYA Grading Instructors
Step 8 Approve final transcript with GYA Grading Instructor & wait 2-6 weeks for PSU Registrar to create official PSU transcript
Step 9 Go online to PSU Vikings Abroad & order official transcript