COVID-19 and Planning Your Irish Gap Year 

The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), declared by the World Health Organisation as a “Global Pandemic” on the 11 March 2020, has impacted all our lives, livelihoods and immediate plans.This is a time of uncertainty, but it does not change young people’s desire to travel and learn more about themselves. At present many countries including Ireland have implemented a number of restrictions in order to contain and reduce the virus. 

What and how these restrictions are implemented changes regularly in response to the decrease or increase in infection numbers.  We will at all times keep you updated on what regulations are necessary to adhere to over the coming weeks and months.  However, be assured that the team at Irish Gap Year are here ready to work with young people and their parents to fulfil their goals to become independent, resilient and confident people.

Refundable Fees / Deposits

In light of the current uncertainty we have updated our payment and refund policy. All deposits/fees on future programs are now fully refundable or transferable to another Irish Gap Year program should future programs be postponed due to ongoing Covid 19 issues. We hope that this will help to ease any worries families may have about booking future programs with Irish Gap Year.

Are Gap Year Programs running in Fall 2020?

Yes we are running our Fall 2020 Gap Year Programs.  

Travel from the US to Ireland (Green List) 

On the 26 June 2020 the Irish Government announced that by the 9 July 2020 they will publish a list of countries from which persons will be permitted to travel to Ireland and not be subject to a 14 day self-isolation quarantine.  This is being called a "Green List".  Prior to the publication of this Green List all persons travelling to Ireland had to self-isolate for 14 days.

Persons travelling from countries on the Green List will now not have to undergo any form of quarantine upon entering the country.  The Green List will be updated and amended every 2 weeks by the Irish Government.

The Green List is initially drafted by officials in the European Union and then given to each member country including Ireland.  Each member Government can then adopt the list or make changes to it. 

Persons from countries not on the Green List can still travel to Ireland but will have to quarantine for 14 days.

Will I have to isolate for two weeks on arrival to the Fall Program?

No - If the country you are traveling from is on the Green list countries you will not have to isolate

Yes – If the country you are traveling from is not on the Green list of safe countries you will have to isolate for 14 days.

Is there a travel ban in place between the US and Ireland / EU ?

No there is no travel ban in place. However, there are restrictions as outlined above in place.

What happens if the US is on the Green list when I book my flight but not when it comes to time to travel?

The only Green List that matters is the current list at the time of travel. If your country of origin is not on the Green list the day you depart then you will be subject to a 14 day quarantine on arrival.