Want to Intern in Ireland?

Dive into the cultural hotpot that is the beautiful and historic capital city of Ireland, with a 4, 8 or 12-week Irish Gap Year Adventure internship in Dublin, Ireland. Dublin is an awe-inspiring city for both first timers and seasoned travellers, and is within close proximity to the rest of Europe for your weekend breaks, although with our many weekend adventures away you may not have time!

Why not make it an Adventure Internship?

At Irish Gap Year we understand that your internship is more than just ‘Work Experience’ and we are uniquely equipped to offer you these exhilarating weekend adventures through our Adventure & Leadership program services. Included in the cost of your Irish Gap Year Internship program are endless adventure activities in Ireland’s great outdoors. Experience Ireland’s epic landscapes through outdoor adventure sports such as surfing, stand-up paddle boarding and sea-kayaking. We love Ireland and all it has to offer and we want you to experience some of the world’s most amazing landscapes through visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the jaw-dropping Cliffs of Moher to the fabled Giant’s Causeway, with Irish Gap Year Internship you will visit the top cultural and historical attractions in Ireland.

Irish Gap Year Adventure Internship Cliffs of Moher

Here’s a bit about Dublin…. Thanks Lonely Planet we couldn’t have written it better ourselves!

"A small capital with a huge reputation, Dublin's mix of 

heritage and hedonism will not disappoint. All you have to do is show up."

A Few Scoops

To experience Dubliners at their most comfortable and convivial, you’ll have to spend some time in a pub. Dublin’s relationship with alcohol is complex and conflicted, but at its very best, a night out in the pub remains the city’s favourite social lubricant and one of the most memorable experiences of a visit to Ireland. Everyone has their favourite pub: for some it’s a never-changing traditional haunt; for others, it’s wherever the beautiful people are currently at. Either way, you’ll have over 1000 to choose from.

Layers of History

Dublin has been in the news since the 9th century, and while traces of its Viking past have been largely washed away, the city is a living museum of its history since then, with medieval castles and cathedrals on display alongside the architectural splendours of its 18th-century heyday, when Dublin was the most handsome Georgian city of the British Empire and a fine reflection of the aspirations of its most privileged burghers. How power was wrested from their hands is another story, and you'll learn that one in its museums and on its walking tours.
All the World is Dublin
Dublin may be a small capital, but its cosmopolitan bone fides have been firmly established. Beyond its impressive collection of museums and galleries, and its choice of food from all four corners of the globe – in both restaurant and market form – this is a city that conspicuously embraces diversity and has been transformed by two decades of multiculturalism. It used to be said that ‘real’ Dubs had to be born within the canals like their parents and grandparents before them: these days, you’re as likely to meet a Dub whose parents were born in Warsaw, Lagos or Beijing.

 IRish Gap Year Adventure Internship Dublin's Ha'penny bridge 

Why I Love Dublin
“More than anything I love Dublin’s intimacy. It’s really just a big capital village, where going for a walk is as much an opportunity for socialising as actually making an arrangement to meet someone. As a travel writer, I’ve always played host to visitors from out of town, which means I get the chance to experience the city with an outsider’s perspective, exploring those corners I often take for granted and discovering new bits to be enthusiastic about.”
By Fionn Davenport, Writer

Personality Goes a Long Way

Even Dubliners will admit that theirs isn’t the most beautiful city in the world, telling you that pretty things are as easy to like as they are to forget…before showing you the showstopper Georgian bits to prove that Dublin has a fine line in sophisticated elegance. Their beloved capital, about which they can be brutally unsentimental, has personality, which is much more important and lasts far longer. Garrulous, amiable and witty, Dubliners at their ease are the greatest hosts of all, a charismatic bunch whose soul and sociability are so compelling and infectious that you mightn't ever want to leave.

Excerpt from Lonely Planet

An internship in Dublin is the perfect way to enjoy the undeniable magic of this country and pick up some new professional skills while you’re at it.


What Types of Internships Do We Offer? 

We place students in the following areas, however if you don't see what you’re interested in please contact us and we will do our utmost to place you in the area that you are passionate about. We may also be able to arrange a longer internship, so please contact us with any queries that you may have.

Accounting  Finance  Advertising/PR
Animal Management  Arts Architecture
Communications  Consulting  Education 
Food & Beverage  Environmental  Fashion/Design
Human Resources  Healthcare Hotels 
Journalism  Import/Export Information Technology
Media  Non-Profit Organisations Marketing
Recreation  Retail Publishing
Social Studies  Telecommunications  Sales 
Transportation  Outdoor Education  Tourism 


Guaranteed Custom Internship Placement

At Irish Gap Year, we guarantee an internship placement to all participants, contingent upon acceptance onto the Irish Gap Year Internship Program. We work with you at a personal level to match you with an employer that best fits your interests and qualifications. By getting to know you, learning about your passions, academic background, career objectives and overall expectations for your experience abroad, we are able to place you in a work environment that will help you gain valuable work experience in Ireland.


We have a variety of accommodation options to suit every budget. We can offer host family accommodation or student shared accommodation. You will be within walking distance to public transportation and easy access to stores, pubs, and restaurants.

ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS 4 week 8 week  12 week
Host Family Accommodation, Half Board, Twin Room^ $ 7,150 $ 8,200 $ 9,250
Host Family Accommodation, Half Board, Single Room $ 7,250 $ 8,400 $ 9,550
Host Family Accommodation, Full Board, Twin Room^ $ 7,250 $ 8,400 $9,550
Host Family Accommodation, Full Board, Single Room $ 7,350 $ 8,650 $ 9,900
Host Family Shared Accommodation, shared with Owner or Occupier, Single Room * $ 6,950 $ 7,850 $ 8,750
Student Shared Accommodation, House / Apartment, Single Room *  $ 7,450 $ 8,850 $ 10,250
Student Shared Accommodation, House / Apartment, Twin Room * $ 7,200 $ 8,300 $9,400

Above prices include full program and adventure costs.

Half Board: Breakfast, Main Evening Meal Full Board: Breakfast, packed Lunch, Main Evening meal
* Subject to availability. ^ Not available for individuals  


What's Included

 Irish Gap Year Internship Program Inclusions   

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Irish Gap Year Adventure Internship Program Process

Irish Gap Year Adventure Internship process

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the cost of the program and what does it include?

The Program Costs and what is included can be found here

Q. When are the start dates of the program?

There are no fixed start dates to the program and we accept applications throughout the year. However, suggested start dates could be February 2017 & September 2017.

Q. When are the program fees due?

A 10% deposit is required on the acceptance onto the Internship program. The remaining balance is required following confirmation of accommodation and all program details 90 days prior to arriving in Ireland.

Q. Will the program have 24-hour emergency crisis support from full-time resident staff?

Yes. All of our programs have a designated staff member available 24/7 for participants to use in order to contact family, parents or guardians. Equally, family or friends in the US will be given a contact number for emergencies.

Q. Do you provide airport transfers?

Yes. Irish Gap Year program leaders provide airport transfers on the day of arrival. We also provide private transport during the time of your program should interns need to return home for unforeseen reasons.

Q. What is due with my application and when is my application due?

The first step is to complete the online application, which includes your contact information, what program you are applying for, etc. You will also need to upload a CV and a Motivation letter. You can keep track of the process on our online application portal.
After filling out the online application forms, an advisor will contact you to confirm receipt of details and when your pre-acceptance skype interview will take place. You will then be matched with a suitable company where a second Skype interview may be required (Not all companies require this). Once you and your matched company are happy to accept the arrangement you will be required to pay a 10% deposit.
Following receipt of your deposit, you will receive all details relating to your placement. You will also receive a login to a portal where you can view your accommodation and the family that you are staying with if you are on a home-stay program.
The outstanding balance of your program is required 90 days before your arrival in Ireland.
For a full breakdown of the above please see our infographic

Q. Do I need a passport or visa?

Yes, you do need a passport to travel to Ireland. Your passport must be valid for 6 months BEYOND the date you return to the United States. For detailed passport instructions, U.S. citizens should check the State Department's Travel Site. All internships in Dublin MUST be LESS than 90 days.

Q. What are my accommodation options?

There are a variety of accommodation options available to you. These are all priced differently to suit every budget.
Host Family Accommodation, Half Board, Twin Room^ or single room
Host Family Accommodation, Full Board, Twin Room^ or single room
Host Family Shared Accommodation, shared with Owner or Occupier, Single Room *
Student Shared Accommodation, House / Apartment, Single Room * or twin room *

Half Board: Breakfast, Main Evening Meal Full Board: Breakfast, packed Lunch, Main Evening meal
* Subject to availability. ^ Not available for individuals

Q. Are the internships paid positions?

No, the internships are not paid positions, but they are an irreplaceable way to build your resume! If you are interested in receiving academic credit for your internship, you should contact your academic advisor or education abroad advisor to see if your university offers course credit for internships.

Q. What is the internship matching process?

We custom match each intern with the organisation that best meets the interests, skills, and goals of the intern. To best accomplish this, all interns must go through the application process, which includes indicating their top three fields of interest. Interns will also have a pre-acceptance skype interview to ensure that we can match your needs to the correct organisation. You will then be matched with a suitable company where a second Skype interview may be required (Not all companies require this).

Q. What if I don’t get on with my co-workers or the organisation is not a good ‘fit?

We endeavour to place you with the best suited match for your internship program, however if you find that the organisation is not a good ‘fit’, we will endeavour to place you with an alternative organisation. We would always recommend that you take at least two weeks in your placement before requesting a transfer, but please let your advisor know as soon as you are experiencing any issues at all as they may be able to assist you with any bedding in issues which may arise.

Q. Is Ireland safe?

Yes! Ireland is widely regarded as one of the top 20 safest countries in the world to live in. However, basic care and vigilance is always recommended but nothing over and above the norm. Ireland’s government departments including our healthcare is of the standard found in Western Europe. There are major hospitals and medical centres throughout Dublin. Travelling in Ireland is generally very safe, we have a reliable national public transportation network of buses and trains, and a community-oriented police force.

Q. Will my phone work in Ireland?

Some international phones will work in Ireland, however rates can be quite expensive. We suggest that interns purchase calling cards to use on their home-mobile phones, or download free-call applications such as Viber/Skype/WhatsApp to contact home while away. Alternatively, during their first week in Ireland, interns will have the option of purchasing an Irish mobile phone.

Outdoor Adventure Activities

Q. Do I need to have prior experience in outdoor activities?

You do not need to have ever put on a wetsuit. All we need is your enthusiasm and willingness to try something new. Our outdoor adventure instructors are very experienced in teaching absolute beginners how to surf, kayak or SUP.
All you need is a basic level of fitness and a sense of adventure. The most important ingredient is the desire to learn and a good attitude.

Q. What if I cannot swim?

You do not need to have even an average ability to swim as you will be supervised at all times in the water by trained lifeguards. However, you should not have a strong fear of the water. A little trepidation is okay though – it adds to the sense of adventure.
Participants in all our activities are given proper safety gear – wetsuits & life-jackets – and are brought through a safety talk at the start of their activity. All water-sports are conducted in what are deemed to be safe conditions for beginners and are supervised by suitably qualified staff.

Q. Are the activity providers properly qualified?

The activity providers we use are all fully certified and insured activity providers. We do not use any activity provider that cannot produce a copy of their insurance and up to date certification with the relevant governing body i.e. the Irish Surfing Association.

Q. Does it really rain in Ireland all the time?

Irish weather isn’t as bad as most people seem to think. Although it can be unpredictable. The advice is to bring clothes for rain and for sunshine. The main ingredient to enjoying time outdoors in Ireland is a positive attitude and the right outdoor clothing! Find out a bit more in our Travel Advice section of our website.

Q. Will I be cold doing the water based activities?

No, most definitely not! All participants are supplied with 5mm, thermos-lined winter wetsuits, boots, gloves and hoods – depending on the conditions. These suits are suitable for the coldest winter days, so you can rest assured we’ve got you covered!

Q. Do I need to bring any equipment for activities?

All equipment necessary for the water activities is provided. All you need is a swimsuit and towel.

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