Irish Gap Year Vision

Irish Gap Year was founded in 2014 based on a wealth of experience in adventure, education and volunteering . From the outset, Irish Gap year has strived to create a professional organisation that is both inclusive and progressive. Having thoroughly researched gap year models, in an Irish context, it was decided to create our programs based on the best practice of the Gap Year Association (formally the AGA).

Irish Gap Year has two approaches when improving programming. Firstly, to review all programs with participating students 6 and 12 weeks into their program. This is done both one to one and anonymously. The feedback received during this process is vital for the future planning of programs.

The second way in which Irish Gap Year constantly improves programming is to attend Gap Year Association conferences in the USA to work on best practices. A close working relationship with Gap year consultants and education consultants is vital in this process.

Irish Gap Year is committed to providing financial aid to students that otherwise would be unable to attend a structured gap year program. This is often done in partnership with education consultants and Gap year organizations. The importance of inclusivity and student perspective to Irish Gap Year is paramount. Although Irish Gap Year is not a therapeutic program, we are keenly aware of the emotional supports our students require on their gap year journey.