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Why Irish Gap Year should be a part of your Gap Year

"Hi my name is camden. I'm an 18 year old from Plymouth Minnesota. I'm part of Irish Gap year because I decided it would be a better idea for me to take some time off before going to college/university. And when it came to picking the destination I knew Ireland was the place for me! As a little kid it was my dream to go visit Ireland and it has come true. What sealed my decision was when I had the skype interview with Killian the program leader. When I had my interview with him I had many many questions and every question was answered. What was even better was the fact that Killian wanted to get to know me for who I really was during the interview to see if I'd be a good fit for the program. My biggest concern about going to Ireland was being away from my family for a long period of time. But as the time has gone on at Irish Gap Year I see them as my family away from home. Having people like Ryan, Karl, Granea "Fox", Killian, Caitriona, and Rita made everything more comfortable for me while being in Ireland. These people are all genuine, honest to good, caring, and understanding people. Everyone at this program has their own characteristics that they bring to the table and that's what makes every activity unique. There have been multiple different volunteering projects that Irish Gap Year has helped us be a part of. Some of that volunteering time was spent on WhiteHill Eco farm helping them with the process of planting and foraging the produce that hey grow in their property. The people of WhiteHill are amazing and they are people who you'd want to surround yourself with just like everyone at Irish Gap Year. The other big volunteering project we were a part of was the non profit organization known as Liquid Therapy. Liquid Therapy gave us the opportunity to take kids which different spectrums of Autism and Social anxiety surfing. There were many friendships made among the Students (Gappers) and the kids we got to take surfing. Irish Gap Year Also got us to be a part of Froige which is a program to promote teens mental health. This program was very eye opening to know that there are so many people out there that want to help younger kids with mental health issues. And what's even better is that we got to participate in the activities the kids were doing which made that day more memorable. Overall Irish Gap Year is hands down one of the best programs you could be a part of. I have learned so much about myself from the leadership aspect of the program. Also the adventure part is something you're going to have to find out for yourself. So come on, come join the fun at Irish gap year and find out what the adventures are because I promise you once you find out what they are, you will be glad you came!"

Plymouth Minnesota


Irish gap year Adventure & Leadership Program

"Hey my name is Charlotte and I strongly suggest you to sign up for this program. This program has just enough structor and just enough flexibility to make it perfect to change around things if you like doing certain things but not others, while also giving enough structor so you feel like your time is full and not stressful. It has an even amount of out door activities,city life and volunteer work to make sure your time is well spent here. Since I arrived on this program it has been full of new experiences and great memories to take with me back home. My favorite charity we got to work with would definitely have to be Liquid Therapy, this is an organization where we got to teach autistic kids how to surf.To prepare for the program the gappers spent a whole three weeks or so learning how to surf, because everyone who arrived in the program had no clue how to surf. It ended up to be much easier then we thought and was just a bunch of fun. So by the time we needed to teach the kids we were completely ready and excited. Through the lessons we all really got to connected with the kids, I only wish we had a couple more lessons with the kids because it was just so fun. other organizations we worked with were very community based like: organic fruit farm, painting a community center, community garden.
We did a bunch of out door activities as well like: sea kayaking, surfing, hiking, outdoor rock climbing, camping and supping. I loved all of them but I thought the hikes were a bunch of fun. We got to see a lot of different and interesting places. Like caves, islands, forests, ancient ruins and huge beautiful mountains. One of my favorite hikes would definitely have to be the Cliffs of Moher because we got to walk to these huge cliffs and sit by the edge and take in one of the most beautiful views in the world. All in all this program was amazing and exciting and The staff was super kind, trust worthy and helpful. They also through the whole trip made sure your experience was exactly what you wanted to make of it."



Amazing Experience

"Overall my time with irish gap year was fantastic and incredibly memorable. Living with the same people for long periods of time can be very difficult depending on who those people and how you act, however irish gap year's staff did every thing in their power to ensure relations remained friendly and never hostile. Nevertheless, with this many strangers in the same house, problems are somewhat likely to ensue, especially if the inhabitants aren't accustomed to living without a lot of family help and/or cleaning up after themselves (being adaptable goes a long way). With that being said, I still had an amzing time during the program and befriended many of my fellow housemates. The trips and adventures orchestrated by the program were very interesting and quite exhilarating; I have no doubt that I have made many amazing memories during my time in Ireland thanks to irish gap year. I found the hikes to be extremely fun and breathtaking (although sometimes strenuous), and the trips to other cities very cultural while also impeccably fun. The cliffs Moher were by far one of the most stunning things I've ever seen and the small city of galway was some of the most fun I've ever had. I found the leadership course to be very educational and I feel as though my social and leadership skills have improved because of it. The course also created an environment where teamwork was crucial which improved my team building skills through various exercises and activities. We did a lot of volunteering which was always very rewarding and lead us to meet very interesting people. In my opinion the town of Bundoran is fantastic; big enough to have night life and be able to meet new people around the town throughout the whole program, and small enough to quickly become acquainted and give a very homey feel. The house itself is quite large and very very old/historical but I assure that there are no malevolent spirits lurking around (joke). I know that I will always cherish my time in Ireland and that it was made so memorable because of the amazing staff of Irish gap year. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking for an amazing adventure, a great chance to learn important life skills, a chance to get a feel for independence, and last but not least, an opportunity for unbelievable fun."

Montclair, NJ


Irish Gap Year

"Irish Gap Year was a great choice for me. The program was a good balance of structure with freedom and flexibility. I really appreciated how the group leaders were understanding when downtime was needed and accommodating when I wanted to do certain activities. Everyone involved, our day-to-day leaders especially, was positive and kind and helpful, I got to know some truly amazing people on this trip.
Bundrowes House is large and very nice, though living with eight other teenagers can have its challenges. Bundoran is a very cute little town, though very quiet.
The adventures and activities have been very cool, rock climbing was the most terrifying experience of my life and it was awesome, learning to surf was so much fun despite the cold. We went on loads of cool hikes, ranging in difficulty from short hikes on paths to day long treks."

Chicago, Illinois


An Amazing 3 Months in Ireland

"My Irish Gap Year experience has been exciting, surprising, and the opportunity I was looking for to reflect on my gap year. Eight other students and I were the first ones to experience this brand-new program. Despite the perceived risks of jumping into uncharted territory, our program leaders adapted along the way to meet and even exceed our needs.

The House and Bundoran: Students in Irish Gap Year live in a huge, beautiful 2-story house from the late 19th century. The house was one of my favorite parts of the trip; we might go off on road trips or camping trips, but when we'd get back it was always a cozy safe haven with plenty of space for everyone to have alone time and recharge. That being said, gap year students don't usually get a whole house to themselves for a 3-month program, and sharing a house for the first time has its challenges.

Bundoran is a very small town of just a few thousand people, and a lot of its economy is based around surf tourism. At the beginning of our trip in September, there were tons of tourists from around Ireland and abroad coming into town who we got to hang out with at band performances at the surf school and in the local pubs. In November, the temperature dropped and there were suddenly a lot fewer social opportunities in Bundoran. That's one thing to keep in mind about winter here.

Did you know that Bundoran is one of the best towns for surfing on Europe? Imagine waking up, pulling on a wetsuit, and hopping on a land rover that takes you to a pristine beach with endless, clean waves. After a couple hours of surfing, you refuel with tea and digestives at the surf school. That was me about 20 times on this trip!

Instructors: The instructors for this program were incredible. They were positive, experienced, and easy to talk to. One time, they drove us to a village in the middle of Nowhere, Ireland and searched by foot for an abandoned castle ruin because they had heard it was the family castle of one of the students in our group. They also gave us a level of freedom that we, in some cases, had never experienced before. I am so happy we got to plan our 4-day trip to Cork and our 3-day trip to Dublin. They even gave us the freedom to have two alcoholic drinks whenever we're out, something that shows their trust in their students and sets Irish Gap year apart from other programs.

Activities: From surfing, cliff diving, ocean kayaking, and "hikes" that required us to climb up a mountain on all fours, to museum-going, willow sculpting, our indoor leadership class, and chill hikes, we did the whooole spectrum of activities.

One activity that was really special to me was volunteering with Liquid Therapy, an organization that teaches autistic children how to surf. I was paired with Annabel, a nine year old who was so thrilled to go surfing that we were always the first ones into the ocean. I spent five days with Annabel pulling her into waves on her board, cheering her on when she caught them, chatting with her about life, and sometimes playing games with her like seeing how long she could stand on her board in still water. It was incredible seeing her progression and getting to make a strong connection with a new person in Ireland. At the end of Liquid Therapy, the Irish Gap Year students threw a party for the kids and their parents at our house!

I would recommend this trip to everyone. I would especially recommend this trip to anyone who knows they want a structured program, yet a program that gives its participants a good-sized dose of independence and freedom to take their trip into their own hands."

San Carlos, CA


3 Months in Ireland!

"I have really enjoyed my time on the Irish Gap Year Adventure and Leadership program. All of the leaders are really kind and genuine people, and very attentive to our needs and wanting to make sure we're getting the most out of the program. As someone who eats gluten free, all the leaders are very helpful in making sure my dietary restrictions are met. If there was ever a problem or challenge I was facing, I felt totally comfortable bringing it up and asking any one of my leaders for help. It's a very good program for people (like myself) who are not overly outdoorsy but would like to be, because it allows you to explore nature and try new things in an all inclusive, 'nobody gets left behind' kind of way. I have been able to push myself physically in this program through surfing and hiking and I've really enjoyed all the adventures I've had with both. One of my favorite memories was a day when we went on a sunset surf, the sky was pink behind the rolling green cliffs and the ocean was like glass as the waves rushed toward us. It was an unforgettable sight and experience. We also did a lot of volunteer work in the local communities, and one of the highlights for me was helping a local youth group build a garden. I've loved being able to explore big cities like Galway and Dublin, we saw everything from museums to universities and authentic Irish pubs. I especially liked Galway, and hope to go back there as much as I can in the future. Overall I'd say this is a very worthwhile program that has helped me to figure out a bit more what I want and where I'm going, and allowed me to fall in love with a new country and culture along the way! Would definitely recommend it to anyone thinking of doing a Gap Year."

Boston, Massachusetts


Irish Gap Year

"I've truly enjoyed my time in Ireland over the past three months. I have learned how to surf, gone on many hikes, and made many new friends here. I never thought I would enjoy being as active as I am here. I wasn't such an outdoors person before but now I know that going surfing and pushing myself on hikes makes me happy. My goal when I first started this trip was to feel more ready for college, and although I don't feel completely ready I can say I've grown up a lot from all the new experiences I have had."

Fairfield Ct
American University


An Authentic Irish Experience

"I came to Ireland after already being out of high school for a year, spending my previous gap year on an academic program in England and two culturally immersive volunteer programs in both Asia and South America, so when it came time for me to search for my next program, I had a clear picture of what I wanted. To be in a long-term group setting, to live in one place but still take trips and explore my surroundings. To be active and outdoors, but I also wasn't looking for something too extreme. I wanted balance, something that would be good for someone who wouldn't call themselves "athletic" or "outdoorsy." I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone, but not too far out! Irish Gap Year seemed to fulfill all of my requirements, and thus far it has met my expectations, and even surpassed some of them! For the first two months of the program we went out surfing at least two-to-three times a week, more if you were really keen! And we usually included two hikes every week exploring the beauty that is Northwestern Ireland. We also ventured out of our little bubble into the wider Ireland, taking three day trips into places like Dublin, Galway, and Belfast, a nice break from small town living especially as the weather turned and it was no longer pleasant for the more "outdoorsy" portion of the program. You get a full picture of Ireland and its people, who, by the way, are five-star. Our leaders too are amazing, easy to talk to and come with a wealth of experience, and are truly amazing people to learn from and get to spend three months with. The town of Bundoran is small, very small. During the summer season and all through September and October this was not a problem as it is a popular surf and outdoor destination. It is therefore full of new and exciting people to keep the town's vibe young and vibrant and your Friday and Saturday pub night's interesting! But as the good weather passed so did most of the tourists, and weekends in Bundoran grew slower. But fear not! Our program leaders allowed for the schedule to be flexible, so if we needed a change of scene, they wouldn't hesitate to see our needs met, sometimes taking us out of town for the weekend, etc. Living in a house with eight other 18 year-old's is been interesting to say the least, and is just as complicated as it should be expected. Kitchen and bathroom habits will always be a point of contention! Living with the same people and doing all of my activities with the same people was, for a self-admitted loner, a challenge, but all in all has taught me many valuable lessons and is not something I regret, no matter how difficult or out of my comfort zone it was. The leaders do try to help in this regard, they are attentive to the needs of both the individual and the group. As one of the guinea pigs in their first gap year program, I can honestly say that the program has been a success and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone interested in signing up for it in the future."

Houston, Texas


Transition Adventure Program Reviews


What a great summer experience before college!

"I am an educational consultant based out of NYC and spent a week in Ireland visiting the Tap and Gap Year program. I also had four students there that I had recommended to the program that were in the TAP program. The location, housing, people and education were all beyond my expectations. My students reported the same. They all said they had a lot of fun, while learning valuable skills that they will be able to use in high school, college and beyond. I highly recommend this program for any young person that wants to have a unique experience in a beautiful and safe environment."

Huntington Station, New York


TAP Review

"Hi I'm Meghan, and in the summer of 2016 I participated in the Transition Adventure Program for three weeks. It was an enriching and amazing program where we had modules that taught us critical life skills such as time management, strengths and weaknesses, and how to work effectively in groups. The skills we covered in the modules will not only help in college, but also allow us to succeed throughout life. The modules were interactive learning sessions with group discussions held in an open environment and fun activities where we applied what we had learned. We also toured around the country in the beginning and the end of the trip seeing beautifully stunning historical and geographic landmarks such as the Cliffs of Moher, Derry/Londonderry, and Giant's Causeway. In between traveling around we stayed in Bundoran where we did lots of fun group activities like camping, cliff jumping, surfing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. We also got to see what the town was like by going to the fair they had and walking around the shops. The house in Bundoran was absolutely beautiful with horses surrounding it, large rooms, and fantastic views of the rolling green hills and the ocean. Lastly the food they had at the Bundoran house was amazing their cook Rita made delicious meals every night. Overall, I'm glad that I had the opportunity to take part in this program, and if I had the chance I would happily do it again!"



Transition Adventure Program with Irish Gap Year

"Hi, my name is Julen and I undertook the Transition Adventure Programme last summer. The course took 3 weeks in time, but millions of good moments in practice. The programme was based on preparing High School students who want to be socially prepared for College life.
To achieve the aim, we had some morning lessons most of the days. The contents were related to some learning valuable skills (time management, goal setting, leadership, ...) together with knowing ourselfes better to improve our habits and characteristics.
I thought that those lessons would be as the traditional ones (the teacher speaks while students pay attention) but luckily, the lessons were so well designed that we did everything in a much more collaborative way. Activities we did were focused on team work and we could discuss and argue any subject, as a group. In other words, we learned useful things in an interactive and funny way.
What's more, we did uncountable outdoor activities dealing with Ireland beautiful landscapes and culture. For example, we went surfing several times, SUPing, kayaking, etc. We also did some activities to reforce teamwork such going camping by ourselves or hiking.
The thing is that the TAP is divided in 3 parts to do all those activities while you are visiting Ireland and lerning it's culture. In this way, the first part takes 5 days to visit some fantastic places of Ireland while you are meeting new people. The second one, takes 10 days in Bundoran. Students are located in a marvelous house where they will live with each other and do all the activities I have mentioned before (lessons, surfing, etc). Tha last part is the same as the first one and it takes another 5 days.
To sum up, I highly recommend this programme to any young person who wants to know about Ireland, improve as a human and learn some useful things for life. Every thing, of course, acompanied by lots of funny activities, free time, and lovely staff.

Pd: I'm sorry if I have done some mistakes, I'm from Spain!"

University of Navarre