Ireland is widely regarded as one of the top 20 best countries in the world to live in (ref. OECD report 2014). 

Students on our signature programs - Teen Summer Travel and Gap Year Program - will be living in the small sea-side community of Bundoran in county Donegal which has a very low crime rate. However, basic care and vigilance is always recommended but nothing over and above the norm.

Safety policy at Irish Gap YearIreland’s government departments including our healthcare is of the standard found in Western Europe. There is a medical centre in Bundoran town where students on our signature programs – Gap Year Program and Teen Summer Travel program – will be based for a number of days/weeks.

There are major hospitals and medical centres throughout the country. Traveling in Ireland is generally very easy, we have a reliable national public transportation network of buses and trains, and a community-oriented police force.

24/7 contact in the case of emergencies

All of our programs have a designated staff member available 24/7 for participants to use in order to contract family, parents or guardians. Equally, family or friends in the US will be given a contact number for emergencies.

What about the dangers of free-time?


Students on the Gap Year Program are over 18 and will have a free day every Sunday over the 11 /12 week program. However, they will be encouraged to use this time wisely. The schedule also purposely includes reflection time and relaxation time.

Safety when doing activities

The activity providers we use are all fully certified and insured activity providers. We do not use any activity provider that cannot produce a copy of their insurance and up to date certification with the relevant governing body i.e. the Irish Surfing Association.  Copies of their insurance and certification can be provided if necessary.